A Message to Those Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

NAON extends our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the immense devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We recognize and acknowledge the heroic efforts of citizen volunteers, first responders, our fellow nurses, allied health personnel, and the disaster management teams who gave and continue to give their assistance to those in need. Nurses are a significant segment of teams that work to safely care or transfer patients into areas where full services could be maintained. We applaud the bravery and professionalism all providers demonstrated while working under incredible pressure to keep their patients out of harm’s way.  

NAON neither endorses specific organizations nor coordinates disaster relief, but we ask our members to contribute and/or volunteer in a manner which meets each individual’s means and beliefs. Another way to assist our colleagues and unfortunate victims is in the knowledge learned by sharing personal stories of those involved in this disaster. If you are willing to share, NAON wants to hear from members affected by this hurricane so we may highlight the continued compassion and dedication of all health care providers. We are interested to know how Hurricane Harvey changed your opinion about nursing’s role in these types of emergencies.   

Please forward your story to naon@orthonurse.org so we can share your insight with everyone visiting our website. Names and identifying information will not be posted without permission. 

On behalf of our entire association, the NAON Executive Board sincerely thanks our impacted members for your continued dedication and demonstration of why caring is the core of our profession.

NAON Executive Board

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