Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Bone Up Package

Purchase of this ASC Bone Up Package includes:

  • NAON Premium Membership
  • Physical copy of Orthopaedic Surgery Manual
  • Physical copy of Core Curriculum 8th Edition
  • Free access to NAON Practice Points
    • Acute Pain Management
    • Chronic Pain
    • Compartment Syndrome
    • Non-Union/Delayed-Union
    • Postoperative Delirium
    • Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
    • Postoperative Urinary Retention
    • Pressure Injury

The Core is an excellent resource to prepare for an orthopaedic certification exam or used as a solid desk reference for those with or without orthopaedic experience in the nursing work environment. Please note, the Core Curriculum 8th Edition is currently a pre-order and physical textbooks will be mailed in Summer 2021 once they are available.

The Orthopaedic Surgery Manual is a physical resource that will be mailed to you.

Please allow NAON staff up to 48 hours (2 business days) to update your membership to Premium membership.


Price: $360

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