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When I first got into nursing, Orthopaedics attracted me, so I started studying it.  Then I get a call from Clara Donahue in Atlanta and she said she was told that I was getting into Orthopaedics and she would like me to go down to Georgia and help her develop a Core Curriculum for orthopaedic nurses.  When I heard her energetic involvement, I told her YES. 

I went to Georgia and spent a week with Clara and we got the Core Curriculum developed and she started The ONA, Orthopaedic Nurses Association.  We had conferences and at our second gathering, we had 5 thousand nurses attending.  When I went back home, we got a new Orthopaedic Surgeon who did the first total hip replacement in our area.  When he saw how I handled this patient, he asked me to work with him as first assistant in the Operating Room.  I developed classes for these patients to go through pre-operatively and then we developed a specialty center for total joints. Then other hospitals did the same.  I became a Board Member of NAON when it started because ONA closed down when our Clara developed cancer and died.

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