#OrthoNowOther - Rozanne Puleo, ONP-C

Prior to COVID, I lead a primary care sports medicine clinic in a FQCHC. But it was located within the urgent care department so it had to be shut down. I was immediately redeployed into the COVID clinic. The first few weeks it was simply symptomatic PUI (person under investigation) cases. But now it has evolved to patients who are +COVID but have other concerns, infants born to +COVID moms who need newborn visits within their first month of life, +COVID patients with extended hospital stays who need outpatient follow-up. Every day we learn something new about the illness, it’s management, public health interventions - it’s always evolving. During this time I’ve also adapted my sports med clinic to be done via telemedicine AND started helping with primary care telemedicine. In addition, I’m also back-up for our local hospital to round in the ICU. And I do all this as a part-time employee - I still have a full time non-clinical job to attend to! But I’m grateful to have this experience and to be able to help on the front lines in such a varied capacity.


- Rozanne Puleo, ONP-C

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