#OrthoNowOther - Lydia Sapien, RN, ONC, CMSRN, PHN

How did the Pandemic Change Your Life ?

We are all affected by the shelter in place, the masks the handwashing, the 6 feet apart.

We have so much to be thankful for. Our families and co-workers. Today is Nurse’s Day,

Wow what a distant memory from last May!

Most of the people I have spoken with say they wish that they had stocked up more, the essential things are hard to find

As we progressed into the Pandemic more and more parents were sad for the events their kids were missing

Many parents said now I have to home school and now I know how well they are doing, or not!

Personally my mom passed away last summer, I never thought I would be grateful for that

I am not as close to my kids as I would like to be, but they are healthy and I am thankful for that.

We are all in one household and my son is my greatest worry, he suffers from depression and the shelter in place is difficult for him, he sleeps a lot, I don’t.

My daughter has a sunny disposition and I am so grateful for her. She has her own health issues but she has a boyfriend and he is her rock.

My husband is a Vietnam vet, he has issues about shelter in place and resents that I am the designated shopper.

Work is work, I am teaching patients from my office on the phone, I meet them anywhere they can to drop off the education folder with a paper copy of the powerpoint, and the surgical soap kit.

I feel like I’m on a secret mission when I’m meeting a patient at the post office parking lot on a Saturday morning.

Soon this will all be in the past, my favorite tunes to hear are “Ooh Child “ by the Edwin Baldwin Singers and “Oh Happy Day” by the same artist.

When I hear these songs I often cry. I’m not a crybaby nurse, but listen to the lyrics, they will move you.

I wish all my nurse sisters the best day ever and peace and love to you all, I’ll see you on the other side.


- Lydia Sapien, RN, ONC, CMSRN, PHN

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