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When elective surgeries were being cancelled due to state and federal mandates, my job as the Orthopaedic Navigator to our Joint Replacement Destination Center pretty much ended too. I had planned on crosstraining with the other Case Management RN's but the hospital was not interested in paying for this crosstraining so I took a voluntary furlough. My furlough lasted a little over a month. I was able to collect unemployment benefits during my furlough and feel very lucky that I didn't have any problems submitting my claim or receiving my benefits. My hospital is resuming elective surgeries now after restrictions are being lifted some. Our Joint Center will be opening this week but at fewer Total Joint Replacement surgeries being scheduled to start. Our hospital and county have not been affected that much by Covid-19. We did prepare for "the surge" but it didn't come. My state of Oregon has small numbers of positive Covid-19 cases overall. My county has also very few cases with a current total of 28 cases and no deaths. Our hospital has also not had one Covid-19 patient! This is good but all this preparation and stopping all of our outpatient services and elective surgeries has affected many of the nursing staff with furloughs, call-offs, and having to stay home even though we haven't had Covid-19 patient's in our organization. I'm happy that I'm back to work and doing the work I love as an Orthopaedic nurse. I'm hopeful that our lives will return to a less stressful and manageable state but I feel that some of our current restrictions will last longer than any one of us were anticipating.

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