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    Welcome to NAON's Center for Online Continuing Education. Here you will find a variety of Online Continuing Education opportunities, including:

    Online Education Center Courses 


    NAON's Online Education Center offers a variety of courses to help you earn contact hours toward your recertification in Orthopaedic Nursing or nursing license renewal. The courses are designed to be self-paced and on-demand, so you can learn and earn contact hours when it's convenient for you!

    The following courses are available in the Online Education Center:

  • NAON 2015 Virtual Congress Bundles
    • 2015 Virtual Session Bundle
      • Featuring 6 recorded sessions and worth 7.0 total contact hours.
        1. The Nuts, Bolts, and Rx of Osteoporotic Fractures
        2. New Frontiers in Total Joint Restoration-Same Day Surgery! 
        3. Navigating the Ups and Down of Saphenous Nerve Block for Total Knee Arthroplasty
        4. Checklists Are Not Just for Airline Pilots Anymore
        5. Save Grandma: Hip Fractures in the Elderly
        6. When the Music Changes, So Does the Dance: Keeping Step with Evidence Supported Care for the Older Orthopaedic Patient
    • 2015 Virtual Poster Bundle
      • Featuring all 91 poster sessions and worth 9.1 total contact hours.
    • 2015 Virtual Congress Combined Bundle
      • Includes all 6 recorded sessions and all 91 poster sessions for a total of 16.1 (10.1 category A; 6 category B) total contact hours.
  • NAON 2016 Virtual Congress Bundles
    • 2016 Virtual Session Bundle
      • Featuring 7 recorded sessions and worth 8.0 total contact hours.
        1. Improving Patient Centered Geriatric Fracture Care
        2. The Orthopaedic Nurse on Trial - Legal Issues for the RN, Courtroom Scenarios and Role Playing 
        3. Failure to Rescue in the Orthopaedic Patient: Impact on Patients, Providers and the Legal System
        4. Predicting Appropriate Discharge Destination for Elective Hip and Knee Replacements Using Multidisciplinary Postoperative Clinical Scoring Tool
        5. Improving Post-Operative Pain Control for Opioid Tolerant Patients Undergoing Orthopaedic Spine Surgery
        6. Movement is Life: A Catalyst for Change in Musculoskeletal Healthcare Disparities
        7. Safe Patient Handling and Early Mobilization for Total Joint Patiens
    • 2016 Virtual Poster Bundle
      • Featuring all 102 poster sessions and worth 10.2 total contact hours.
    • 2016 Virtual Congress Combined Bundle
      • Includes all 7 recorded sessions and all 102 poster sessions for a total of 18.2 (13.0 category A; 5.2 category B) total contact hours.

    How it works: These courses are all completely accessible online from any computer with Internet access. After you purchase a course, you will log in to the NAON website at Once you are logged into the website, go to the Online Education Center. Once you view the course and complete the course and any additional modules/evaluation, your certificate will unlock.

    If you do not know your NAON login information, please contact the NAON National Office at or at 800.289.NAON (6266).

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    NAON Webinars

    NAON offers many live webinars each year free to NAON members! Learn more about current webinars that are open for registration as well as what is coming next. If you missed a live webinar, it can be purchased from the NAON Online Store. Each webinar is worth between 1.0 1.25 contact hours. 

    Visit NAON's webinar page at to view and register for our upcoming webinars!

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    The Role of Nurses in the Management of Joint Pain in Women and Black and Hispanic/Latino Women - 2 FREE Contact Hours!

    NAON is promoting an educational module developed by Movement is Life. This educational module is worth 2.0 contact hours. Contact hours will expire on May 31, 2017.

    Click here to access the educational module.

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    Orthopaedic Nursing Journal Contact Hours through Lippincott Professional Development

    For Orthopaedic Nursing journal contact hours, simply select an article below, read each section, take the post test and submit your payment information. Contact Hours for ONJ articles are awarded through Lippincott's Nursing Center.
    Questions? Contact Lippincott Professional Development: 800-787-8985.

    If you are a NAON member and are not receiving a copy of the journal, please contact to verify your address.

    Title of Article



    Expires in 2018
    Chronic Patellar Tendon Rupture: A Case Report with Associated Imaging 10/31/2018 1.0
    Nurse Practitioners' Education, Awareness and Therapeutic Approaches for the Management of Fibromyalgia 10/31/2018 2.0
    Caring for the Transgender Individual 10/31/2018 2.0
    An Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Length of Stay in Joint Replacement Patients 10/31/2018 2.5
    Multifocal Scapula Fracture: A Case Report and Imaging Review 8/31/2018 1.0
    More New Medication Approvals 8/31/2018 2.0
    R.E.A.C.H. to Teach: Making Patient and Family Education "Stick" 8/31/2018 1.5
    A Description and Comparision of Treatments for Low Back Pain in the United States 8/31/2018 2.0
    Greater Tuberoisity Fracture fo the Humerus: A Case Report 6/30/2018 1.5
    Establishment and Evaluation of an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention Program 6/30/2018 2.0
    Management of Acute Lumbar Injuries in the Workplace 6/30/2018 2.5
    The Role of Shared Decision Making in Patient-Centered Care and Orthopaedics 6/30/2018 2.0
    The Effect of Administration Protocol of Subcutaneous Enoxaparin Injection on Formation of Ecchymosis 4/30/2018 2.0
    Enhancing Nurses' Pain Assessment to Improve Patient Satisfaction 4/30/2018 2.5
    Bracing in Ponseti Clubfoot Treatment: Improving Parental Adherance Through an Innovative Health Education Intervention 4/30/2018 2.0
    NAON Position Statement: Promoting Musculosketal Health Through Physical Activity for All Children and Adolescents 4/30/2018 1.5
    Catching Up on New Medication: New FDA Approvals 2/28/2018 1.5
    Educational Intervention Impact on Osteoporsis Knowledge, Health Beliefs, Self-Efficacy, Dietary Calcium, and Vitamin D Intakes in Young Adults 2/28/2018 2.5
    Comparison of Two Postoperative Bowel Regimens in Children With Scolosis Repair 2/28/2018 2.0
    Caring for the Patient With Limited Systemic Scleroderma 2/28/2018 2.0
    Expires in 2017
    Utilizing Teach-Back to Reinforce Patient Education: A Step-by-Step Approach 12/31/2017 1.5
    Can Educational Interventiosns Improve Osteoporotic Women's Adherance To Treatment? A Literature Review 12/31/2017 2.5
    Postoperative Spica Cast Care:RN Comfort-Level Survey Socre Improvement After a 30-Minute Educational Video 12/31/2017 1.5
    Hip Fractures: What Information Does the Evidence Show That Patients and Families Needs to Decrease 30-Day Readmission? 12/31/2017 2.5
    Pain, Pain, Go Away! Evidence-Based Review of Developmentally Appropiate Pain Assessment for Children in a Postoperative Setting 10/31/2017 2.5
    A 52-Year-Old Man with a Tuft Fracture and Hand Cellultis 10/31/2017 1.5
    Assessment of the Patient-Centered and Family-Centered Care Experience of Total Joint Replacement Patients Using a Shadowing Technique 10/31/2017 2.5
    The Problems Experienced by Parents Providing Postoperative Home Care Following Their Child's Surgery for Developmental Dysplasis of the Hip 10/31/2017 2.0
    A Pilot Study to Identify Modifiable and Nonmodifiable Variables Associated with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis in Men 10/31/2017 2.0
    Workarounds in the Workplace: A Second Look 8/31/2017 2.0
    Do Elderly Patients Use Patient-Controlled Analgesia Medication Delivery Systems Correctly? 8/31/2017 2.0
    The Effect of Early Ambulation on Patient Outcomes for Total Joint Replacement 8/31/2017 2.0
    Implementing Evidence-Based Practice to Reduce Infections Following Arthroplasty 8/31/2017 2.5
    Acetaminophen by Infusion 6/30/2017 1.5
    Blisters Associated With Elective Wrist Surgery 6/30/2017 1.0
    Physical Activity in Adolescents with an Orthopedic Limitation: A Preview of the Literature 6/30/2017 2.5
    The Epidemiology of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Orthopaedics 6/30/2017 2.5











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