Patient Education Manuals

    The NAON Patient Education manuals present information that can be shared with individual or groups of patients. Content is meant to be thorough yet generic enough to represent clinical practice from everywhere. Each manual is downloadable in its entirety or by individual segment. There is space throughout the documents to individualize them according to specific patient needs. Along with much educational information, highlights include frequently asked questions, packing checklist, exercise and precaution photos and descriptions, activity goals and worksheet appendices. As you use the manuals to educate your patients, please make note of suggested revisions and forward them at any time to All suggestions will be considered at the time of product revision.

    Postoperative Spine Patient Education Manual Contributors

    Kristin Bentz, RN, MS, ACNS-BC, ONCS-C
    Darlene Harnly, RN, BSN, ONC

    Liana G. Chotikul RN, BSN, MSN, NP-C, CNOR, ONC, RNFA
    Diane Eckhouse, MS, APN, OCNS-C
    Jeanne M. Fleagle, NP-C, MSN, ONC
    Dorothy Pietrowski, RN, MSN, ACNP, ONC
    Nadine Trznadel, MSN, RN, CNS, ONC

    Jan Foecke, MS, RN, ONC

    Postoperative Shoulder Patient Education Manual Contributors

    Rebekah Filson, ANP-BC, ACNS-BC
    Michele Haryanto, RN-BC, ONC MBA

    Linda D. Abella, MSN, RN, ONC
    Kathy S. Bomar, BSN RN ONC CNRN
    June Hart, RN, ONC
    Linda Murphy, MSN, RN-BC, ONC

    Jan Foecke, MS, RN, ONC

    Total Hip Replacement Patient Education Manual Contributors 

    Laura C. Williams, MSN, RN, CNS, ONC, CCNS
    Laura Woodward, RN, BSN, ONC

    Linda D. Abella, RN, BSN, ONC
    Linda Altizer, RN, MSN, ONC, FNE
    Susan T. Barnett, MSN, RN, CNOR, ONC
    Linda Murphy, MSN, RN, ONC

    Jan Foecke, MS, RN, ONC

    Total Knee Replacement Patient Education Manual Contributors

    Debra L. Sietsema, PhD, RN
    Kimberly Stauffer, MS, CRNP

    Jack Davis, MSN, RN, ONC
    Jennifer Michalski, MSN, RN, ONC
    Beverly A. Morris, RN, CNP, MBA
    Laurie Norman, RN, MSN, CNS, ONC
    Laura Young , RN, ONC

    Jan Foecke, MS, RN, ONC 

    Spanish Translation Reviewers
    Jackie Jacquez, RN, ONC, CBN - Total Hip and Total Knee
    Cynthia Gonzalez, MSN, RN, OCNS-C, CMSRN, APRN - Postoperative Shoulder and Postoperative Spine

    These education manuals were made possible with sponsorship by Pacira Pharmaceuticals.



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