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    Case Study

    Date: 9/10/13



    tillaux fx 3.jpg

    The patient is 13 year-old female referred to the pediatric ortho clinic for right ankle pain s/p a fall in basketball last week. She had x-rays taken in the emergency department that showed a distal tibia fracture. She was placed in a short leg splint and a CT scan was obtained for further evaluation. What type of fracture is seen here and what is the typical treatment?

    View the case study archive which is divided into three topic areas: Clinical, Radiology and Other.



    Clinical Photo Library

    NAON is building a clinical photo library! As we continue growing and updating our list of educational resources, the need for orthopaedic photos arise. What better way to illustrate an orthopaedic technique or procedure than with a real photo of one of our members treating a patient?
    Some examples of photos that you could send in include: X-rays, bone tumors, bone deformities of all types, traumatic orthopaedic injuries, inflammatory disorders, pediatric orthopaedic disorders, orthopaedic OR techniques, mobility equipment, braces/splints. If you have a photo or multiple photos that you would like to add to the NAON Library, please e-mail us at
    All photos must have a copyright release and photo release for those who took the photo and those within the photo.  We can not guarantee that all photos will be used within one of our educational resources.

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