International Orthopaedic Nurses Day Celebrations!

International Orthopaedic Nurses Day Celebrations!

Read below to see how other orthopaedic nurses celebrated International Orthopaedic Nurses Day!

2015 Celebrations

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2014 Celebrations

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2013 Celebrations:

Banner Baywood Medical Center

On October 30th, the orthopaedic department at Banner Baywood Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona celebrated Orthopaedic Nurses Day by surprising the nurses with a break-room party complete with fun candid staff photos, hand-made thank you cards signed by our director, managers, and educator, goodie bags, and desserts.  This celebration was not only to recognize the amazing orthopaedic nurses at our facility but also the accomplishments and positive gains made in the Orthopaedic Program – specifically with the Orthopaedic Strategic Initiatives (initiatives to reduce variation in orthopaedic practices) and in the Certified Hip Fracture Program (Arizona’s first and only hospital to earn Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care certification in hip fracture management).  These accomplishments were thanks in large part to our cohesive group of orthopaedic nurses and their unwavering hard work and engagement.



Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, IL

We celebrated International Ortho Nurses Day this year by ordering food for all shifts on the ortho unit. Our director brought homemade chocolate bones that were quite delicious.

We had a table and an easel displaying the NAON poster announcing our Ortho Nurses Day in the hospital cafeteria during lunchtime. Our mascot, Mr. Bones, manned the table with me. We handed out sweet treats and information about Joint Replacements and orthopedic care to employees and visitors who stopped by. There was a free raffle too, and one lucky employee won a Godiva chocolate basket.

Ortho2013.jpgOrtho2 2013.jpg

Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY




Community memorial hospital in menomonee falls Wisconsin


Orthopedic and Spine Institute at St. Lucie Medical Center

The Orthopedic and Spine Institute at St. Lucie Medical Center located in Port Saint Lucie Florida celebrated National Orthopedic Nurses Day with an Open House to community businesses, customers, staff, friends, and family. Our Rehab Department and Nursing Unit participated to help celebrate and inform the community about our programs, facility, Orthopedic and Spine procedures and conditions. We held the main event on our Orthopedic and Spine Unit. We held two events total, one during the day and one during the evening hours.

To say Thank you to all of our Orthopedic Nursing Staff we gave them a Bag, Shirt, and Scissors in appreciation for all they do for our Patients and Community.





UPMC St. Margaret in Pittsburgh

Happy Orthopaedic Nurses Day to our colleagues around the world!

 We are proud of our Ortho Nurses at UPMC St. Margaret and celebrated today with a luncheon for staff on all shifts and Pictures with our friendly skeleton balloon, who greeted our patients as they left for Physical Therapy throughout the day!  He put plenty of smiles on the patients and nurses!  Lots of fun and laughs here in Pittsburgh, and hopefully all over.

 Also, in speaking of Physical Therapy, let us not forget to wish our friend in PT an OT a happy PT/OT month, which concludes tomorrow!




Atlanta Chapter

brenda with bones for ortho nurse day.jpg

Brenad Thompson of the Atlanta chapter with her marshmallow, pretzel and white chocolate "bones" for her unit on International Orthopaedic Nursing Day 2013!


2012 Celebrations:

Peace Health Southwest Medical Center

t8 ortho day 002.jpg  t8 ortho day 004.jpg

Peace Health Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver,WA celebrated International Orthopedics Nursing Day a little early with a potluck.  They had a lot of fun amidst the craziness of a busy orthopedic unit!


Baptist Hospital of Miami

picture1.jpg  picture2.jpg  picture3.jpg  picture4.jpg


Skokie Hospital



St. Lucie Medical Center

At St. Lucie Medical Center, we celebrated International Orthopaedic Nurses Day by having an Open House Mixer on our floor. We spoke about the equipment used on our unit, how to obtain orthopaedic certification and fun facts about orthopaedics! 

2012-10-30_21-30-43_353.jpg    2012-10-30_21-31-37_865.jpg

2012-10-30_21-31-04_619.jpg    2012-10-30_21-32-37_321.jpg


The Rochester Area Chapter


The Rochester Area Chapter of NAON may be a small chapter, but we know how to have a good time!  We recently had our annual orthopaedic picnic in the park. Every year as a chapter, we sponsor a picnic. Attendance is not only for our chapter, but for our colleagues and our multidisciplinary healthcare team. We encourage a family fun time with events for the kids, such as games and face painting. This year, we were fortunate to have four of our orthopaedic trauma surgeons donate money to help with costs. Even though all are not members of NAON, the picnic gives us an opportunity to tell healthcare providers about our specialty and encourage people to become active in NAON. It is also to thank them for all they do for our orthopaedic patients. We had a beautiful Minnesota evening and great socialization!

Benefis Healthsystem

benefis 1.jpg   benefis 2.jpg

At the Orthopaedic Unit at Benefis Healthsystem in Great Falls, Mont., we celebrated International Orthopaedic Nurses Day. We enjoyed cupcakes and tibia-shaped sugar cookies. We displayed our orthopaedics poster on the main elevator announcing the big day! We had a quiz about local orthopaedic facts and gave prizes to those who participated and a grand prize to one winner. We also encouraged those that are ready to take the certification exam and showed them the study book. It was a very great day!

benefis 3.jpg   beneifs 4.jpg


Valley Hospital

For the past 20 years, we have celebrated with a Halloween Open House. This year, our theme was " Haunted Ghoul Theatre," which was based on a poem one of nurses wrote; old films have been playing for more than 50 years continuously and now are coming to life. We used "The Birds," "Godzilla" and "Frankenstein." By painting flat white sheets, we transformed our surgical waiting area into a "ghoulish" theatre complete with movies playing, theme backrounds, snack bar, popcorn machine, ticket booth and raffles. The staff at our hospital look forward to this big event every year. I have enclosed some pics that include some of our orthopaedic surgeons and nurses who have dedicated many hours to make this event successful.

valley 1.jpg  valley 2.jpg

valley 3.jpg  valley 4.jpg

valley 5.jpg  valley 6.jpg

The Blue Ridge Chapter of NAON

"Blood, I'd rather keep my own: A Vampire Tale or an Orthopaedic Dream" come true turned out to be a dream come true! In celebration of our special day, our chapter planned a three-day event inviting NAON members from the state of Virginia to join us. Our title reflects the focus of our workshop day.

Friday evening was our kick off event. Some of the planning committee welcomed the participants in true halloween fashion. A hand therapist massaged the tired hands of our nurse as we enjoyed a social hour together. Welcoming statements about the weekend began with a treasured letter from our National President, Mary Jo, that set the stage for success! As we enjoyed a fabulous dinner together, we displayed our silent auction items, networked together and closed with a few words from a local Skilled Nursing Rehab Unit about their role in rehabilitating our surgical patients.

On Saturday, our focus was on blood salvage for our surgical patients. We discussed topics from proper nutrition options to preparing the patients to the role of the blood bank to the latest drugs available intra operatively to prevent blood loss – a vampire would never survive on the lack of blood spilled during this discussion.

Our afternoon sessions focused on prevention of life-threatening blood clots and the role of the orthopaedic nurse through the eyes of a retired orthopaedic surgeon/patient. He shared with the group why nurses are so vital to the orthopaedic team and to the success of his recovery as a patient who recently had a total knee arthroplasty.

Our day concluded with the silent auction items awarded. Several of our orthopaedic surgeons contributed items, including a hand-crafted wood table, a two-day stay in a condo at the lake and sponsoring nurses memberships to NAON.

Our final event on International Orthopaedic Nurses Day reflected the heart, spirit and dedication of the orthopaedic nrse. Not only in those recognized but also in those who planned and executed the event. A "Memory Bench" was dedicated to four people who dedicated their careers in service to our orthopaedic patients and have passed away. Families of these staff members were invited as well as our chapter members and anyone who wanted to share in this special time. Under a blue fall sky, with a crispy clean breeze, we remembered them, prayed for them and for our work as caregivers. To close, one of our NAON members and Director of Orthopaedics, a dedicated nurse in her own rite, sang "Amazing Grace."

So for our Blue Ridge Chapter, tucked away in the valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, this will be an event that we will not soon forget.

blue ridge 1.jpg  blue ridge 2.jpg

blue ridge 3.jpg  blue ridge 4.jpg

blue ridge 5.jpg  blue ridge 6.jpg

Alegent Health Mercy Hospital

The Alegent Health Mercy Hospital orthopaedic floor celebrated International Orthopaedic Nurses Day by providing the hospital staff with the opportunity to visit our floor for snacks of popcorn with M&Ms and corn candy and hot apple cider. This allowed the nurses on our floor to be recognized by the other departments. We also gave femur-shaped pens to all the staff on our unit! Congratulations Mercy Orthopaedics Team for another year of exceptional patient care!

alegant 1.jpg  alegant 2.jpg
Pictured with the snacks is operations director Andrea Bolte and clinical lead Becky Baker. Pictured with the pen is staff nurse Kim Petersen and orthopaedic care manager Marcia Weis.

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