NAON Orthopaedic Nurses Share Your Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertain times: some challenging, some inspiring. As orthopaedic nurses, we know you have your own stories to share from this time. Join our OrthoNowOther campaign and share your stories of compassion, understanding, obstacles overcome, hopes, fears, and yes please, your humor. OrthoNowOther refers to the “other” roles orthopaedic nurses are being asked to do, whether in their professional or personal lives. Through sharing, we connect and with connection there is strength and support. Learn more about the origins of the OrthoNowOther campaign.

Using the form below, feel free to type your story in the space provided, upload a Word Document or upload an image.

Please follow all HIPAA regulations and do not send any protected health information, such as photo images of patients or other identifiers without first obtaining a HIPAA Authorization from the patient that specifies the information may be shared with NAON and publicly.


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