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2019 AAOS Presenter Forms and Deadlines

The following forms are due to the NAON National Office by Friday, October 12, 2018:

Forms (except W9) must be e-mailed to the NAON National Office in a Word Document
*Failure to return these forms will result in the delay of syllabus production and may jeopardize NAON's educational efforts in the future.*

Presentation Slide Decks - Due December 7, 2018

NAON’s Director of Education must review all presentations to ensure they meet ANCC guidelines, including those for Conflict of Interest and Bias.  You must also include NAON’s Conflict of Interest Disclosure Slide immediately after your Title slide. This disclosure is required by both NAON and AAOS.  You may also be asked to make changes or clarifications to your presentation after it has been reviewed.

Download the NAON at AAOS 2019 Slide Template for a guide on how to create and organize a dynamic presentation. You must include the Conflict of Interest Slide as your first slide after your title slide in your presentation and handouts, no matter if you use the NAON Slide Template or your own slide deck.

Attached is some information and a template to guide the development of the slide deck for your presentation.

The background is NAON’s standard PowerPoint background. You may use any background as long as it does not reflect a commercial interest. Many presenters utilize a background that shows or is used by their organization, and this is fine. You are also welcome to use this background if you choose, but it is, admittedly, a little on the plain side.

Before you start putting your slides together, please look over this template to get an understanding of how we would like you to open and close your presentation.

The first three slides are mandatory for us to be able to give CNE credits to learners.

The fourth slide is optional.

The ‘Reflection’ slides at the beginning and the end of your education are bookends to the presentation.  The slides in the template outline what you are to do; they will take about 2 minutes total. Utilizing this evidence-based strategy will improve engagement in your education presentation.

Learners in NAON Educational presentations have come to expect high quality in the sessions they attend. For example, they do not like sessions where presenters read the slides and do not amplify the information. They look for relevance and actionable strategies to take to their practice setting.  Use of Case Studies, scenarios, images/radiographs, and energetic Q&A are very popular.

Overall, the format in your slide deck should be professional in appearance. The educational content needs to be evidence-based and target the nurse whose level of competency is proficient to expert.  Over 40% of attendees are nurses with advanced degrees (Masters, Doctorate) and about 20% of attendees are Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nurses or RNFA.

The slides you submit will also be converted into online handouts for attendees to review prior to the program.  In order to give attendees adequate time to download, review, and print handouts, your slides should be finalized no later than February 15, 2019.

Click here for tips and tricks for creating a dynamic slide deck that will communicate as well as captivates an audience.

Based on feedback from previous attendees, here are some suggestions for creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations:

  • Add illustrations, graphics, and examples.
  • Do not write out your presentation on the slide itself.
  • 30-minute presentations should have approximately 30 slides, 45-minute presentations should plan for approximately 45 slides. This will vary based on your material, but more than that and your audience may not be able to understand and retain the information you’re presenting.
  • Use at least 24 point font for the text on the slides.
  • When planning your presentation, remember to leave at least 5 minutes at the end for questions from the audience.

All NAON NUR presenters receive complimentary Annual Meeting registration as well as complimentary access to the NUR courses only. If you wish to attend other paid courses, you will be responsible for the cost. All presenters must register for the meeting and anyone wishing to claim contact hours for the NUR courses must also register for those as well. 

Housing for the AAOS 2019 Annual Meeting is now open - please click here.  

Please note: all registration and housing is being run by AAOS. Please contact them directly with questions and they will be happy to assist you!

Please contact Kim Martini Fear at the NAON National Office with any questions or concerns at kmartinifear@orthonurse.org or 800.289.6266.

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