NAON Orthopaedic Nursing Excellence (ONE) Award

The NAON Orthopaedic Nursing Excellence (ONE) Award acknowledges professionalism in nursing practice through demonstration of exemplary care for patients, and achievement in quality outcomes, collaborative interdisciplinary work environments, and professional growth opportunities. This award also recognizes those units with specialty nursing certification, particularly orthopaedic nursing certification (ONC).

NAON developed the ONE Award to applaud those units that meet the defined criteria as stated in this guidebook.  The following categories are scored based on the information supplied in the application:

  1. Staff satisfaction and retention
  2. Staff certification (ONC or other)
  3. Staff ratio to patients
  4. Leadership and learning opportunities
  5. Positive patient outcome measures
  6. Participation in national quality initiatives
  7. Collaboration and supportive work environment
  8. Outside recognition

Before You Begin

Before you begin the application, it will help you to follow these steps:

  1. Read through the entire ONE Award Guideline booklet.  It will provide you with the process and scoring tools that will be utilized.
  2. Scoring Guidelines are utilized by the panel when evaluating your application.
  3. Prepare your unit profile first. This profile describes your unit and its functions, as well as challenges.  This should be developed collaboratively with staff and leaders.  It is not scored; however, must be completed and included in the application.
  4. Write your application – Review the questions and prepare your responses. Have your application proofread by others for grammar, spelling and content. 

Application Materials

Download the ONE Award Guidelines document

Download the ONE Award Scoring Guidelines

Download a full list of the application questions

Submit Your NAON ONE Award Application

Application Dates, Deadlines and Regulations

The ONE Award is confidential and blinded to the panel of judges. One application per unit will be accepted and all application submissions are final; no changes, additions, or deletions will be allowed once the application is submitted. 

Application Dates: Applications are now closed for this year. Applications for next year will be accepted from November 1, 2022 to March 1, 2023

Application Fee: $1,000

NAON ONE Award Winners will be announced and recognized during NAON's Annual Congress.

If you have any questions, please contact naon@orthonurse.org.

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