Celebrate International Orthopaedic Nurses Day on October 30!

International Orthopaedic Nurses Day is celebrated every year on October 30th. NAON will soon be releasing our International Orthopaedic Nurses Day Planning Guide for ideas on how to celebrate with your team! You can print NAON’s International Orthopaedic Nurses Day poster  to hang in your facility during your celebration! Click here to see how other nurses have celebrated.

The History of International Orthopaedic Nurses Day

Each year on October 30, orthopaedic nurses everywhere celebrate International Orthopaedic Nurses Day. The tradition began in the United States’ Senate with a proclamation presented by Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) in 1990 to then-President George H. W. Bush.

Congressional Record – Senate

Proceedings and Debates of the 101st Congress, Second Session

Friday, October 19, 1990


"Mr. President, I rise today to pay tribute to an important skill in our medical community in honor of “Orthopaedic Nurses Day," Oct. 30, 1990. Musculoskeletal disease is a major health problem that affects all ages. Conditions such as congenital diseases of infants, trauma resulting from vehicular accidents and degenerative diseases of the aged, strike 23 million Americans. Orthopaedic nurses play a vital role in providing professional, competent care to patients with musculoskeletal diseases. They offer the specialty of orthpaedic nursing in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, private homes, and physician offices. The National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses has responded to the ever-increasing complexity of technology in its field. Additionally, their efforts to maintain and upgrade professional standards of practice in Orthopaedic Nursing has tirelessly continued. Clearly, orthopaedic nurses in Michigan, as well as all other States in our nation, deserve the Nation’s recognition on Oct. 30, 1990, 'Orthopaedic Nurses Day.'"

In 2001, October 30 became recognized as International Orthopaedic Nurses Day to acknowledge the impact of our nursing colleagues around the world in places such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada and Malta.

NAON is listed in the United States Congressional Record under Citation 136 Congressional Record, S16279-01 in recognition of the work the association has done to advance the orthopaedic profession.

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