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No Bones About It: A NAON Podcast Series

No Bones About It: A NAON Podcast Series provides a deep-dive into hot topics and trending research within the field of orthopaedics. Featuring interviews with industry experts and current NAON members, each episode aims to address best practices in an easy, on-the-go format. The NAON Podcast Series will release on a bi-monthly schedule.

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No Bones About It Host

Former NAON Education Committee member Bryan Combs, PhD, CRNP, FNP-BC, CNL, ATC, a Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Athletic Trainer and a PhD who serves as the Interim Assistant Dean at the University of Alabama School of Nursing.


February 2021: Let's Talk Certification

Do you have questions about orthopaedic certification? In this episode we talk with Dorothy Pietrowski, and Matt Price from the Orthopaedic Nurses Certification Board (ONCB) and explore the value of certification to an RN, the certification exam, mentorship, and hear more about a day in the life of an ONC. 

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April 2021: The Nurse Scientist

Are you someone interested in the why? Do you have a sense of inquiry? This episode is a fascinating discussion with one of our premier Nurse Scientists and the unique role she plays in a clinical setting advancing the care of patients.

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May 2021: TJA Orthopaedic Travel Surgery

Bundled payments to reduce costs and improve outcomes aren’t a new concept in orthopaedics. We’re discussing a new innovation in orthopaedic care- employers using a bundled system to directly purchase health care for their employees. Travel for surgery, will we see more of this in the future?

In this episode of the No Bones About It, host Bryan Combs discusses the University Hospitals Orthopaedic Travel Surgery program with Kelly Anne McCrone, BSN, ONC, Rita Hall, MSN CNS, Erica Sevinsky, RN, ONC.  Helping to meet the demands of employers and insurers with a move toward value based care, University Hospitals along with other health care systems in the Employers Centers of Excellence Network operate as sites for outpatient procedures.  Our guests share the background and the advance preparations involved for a travel surgery. They also share the requirements needed to become a surgical center of excellence.

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August 2021: Orthopaedic Surgical Mission Trips

In this episode, we speak with NAON Members, Bonnie Rae Koski, RN, MSN, CIC, ONC and Karen Mitchell, BSN, RN to learn more about their experiences with Operation Walk. Operation Walk is a volunteer medical humanitarian organization that provides the gift of mobility through life-changing joint replacement surgeries at no cost to those in need in the U.S. and globally. Through Operation Walk Carolinas, Bonnie, Karen and a dedicated team of hardworking healthcare professionals travel yearly to international locations. They share their philosophy on extending their work life commitment to take care of those in the community- globally. We’ll hear about the blessing each feel when they see the positive impact on someone’s mobility. It’s an amazing experience to hear personal stories of how a more functional life impacts family members and even villages. Through their trips, they have learned to use different assessments, a variety of pain medications and adjust surgical procedures as circumstances warrant. All for the language of smiles and hugs to change the life of one person at a time.

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October 2021: Take Your Orthopaedic Unit to the Next Level

In this episode, NAON talks with Zach Perpetua, MSN, RN, CMSRN, CNL and Michelle Parks, BSN, RN, ONC from UPMC Passavant on their journey to obtain an Orthopaedic Center of Excellence designation. UPMC has established a center of excellence in several specific specialties, including for total joint replacement in July of 2019 and renewed in 2020.

The UPMC Orthopaedic Unit began their journey in 2017 with 2 ONCs and a commitment to increasing more staff certified nurses. It is well documented in literature that certified nurses improve patient outcomes and quality of care. Certification also provides an avenue for nursing professional development and leadership roles within their organizations. The UPMC Passavant Hospital Foundation provided grant money to support the unit in their staff ONC certification process, including the expense of study materials, ONC exam costs, NAON memberships for each certificant, and coordination of study group sessions.  Through this support, all of the UPMC nurses that joined the initiative received certification.

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December 2021: Orthopaedic Nursing: Oh, The Places You May Go

The roles of orthopaedic RN and NP nurses have evolved greatly into so many areas of healthcare. We’ll talk with Alena Ann Groves, DNP, FNP-C, ONP-C and Sally H. Pearson, DNP, FNP, ONC . These very busy orthopaedic nurses are the perfect example for this discussion. They both serve a variety of nursing roles from teaching nursing students, to performing athlete physicals or providing care at student health centers to running specialty osteoporosis clinics and even to providing musculoskeletal care for employees of a manufacturing facility. They talk about the changes to both in patient care and the growth extending to outpatient care. Orthopaedic NPs are treating non-surgical issues and improving patient care in many communities. They’ll discuss how orthopaedic NPs now treat patients for chronic musculoskeletal conditions offers tips for opening your own clinics within your organizations. They’ll discuss where they see orthopaedic nursing in the future, and the opportunities for continued advancement with orthopaedic expertise. Listen in to hear about their path and to reflect on your own orthopaedic journey.

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