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NAON Orthopaedic Nurses - Share Your Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertain times: some challenging, some inspiring, and we knew that our community of orthopaedic nurses would have your own stories to share from this time. Over the past few weeks, our OrthoNowOther campaign has inspired the NAON community to share stories of compassion, understanding, obstacles overcome, hopes, fears, and even humor. Now, we want to share these stories with everyone, because through sharing, we connect, and with connection, there is strength and support.

Orthopaedic Nurses are Heroes - Angie Sturgill, MSN, RN

From "Bone Business" to "COVID Queens" - Patricia Annette Moore, RN, ONC

Ortho Nurse to the Core; Ready to Be 'Other' - Pauline Elliott, RN, ONC

A Day in the Life - Hannah Miller, RN, BSN

Inspired by Clara Donahue - Anonymous NAON Member

Grateful for the Experience - Rozanne Puleo, ONP-C

How did the Pandemic Change Your Life? - Lydia Sapien, RN, ONC, CMSRN, PHN

Sidelined, but Still Supporting the Front Lines - Linda Hightower, RN, ONC

Nursing is More Than Physical Care - Bernice Howell, RN

Back Doing What I Love - Anonymous NAON Member

OrthoNowOther refers to the “other” roles orthopaedic nurses are being asked to do, whether in their professional or personal lives. Learn more about the origins of the OrthoNowOther campaign.

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