International Orthopaedic Nurses Week

October 26 - October 30, 2020

October 30th is International Orthopaedic Nurses Day, but why celebrate just one day? Mark your calendars and join us from October 26-30 as we celebrate Orthopaedic Nurses Week! Every year, we are thrilled to see all of the different ways NAON members share their passion for orthopaedics and showcase the ways you make an impact on a daily basis. Celebrate with your colleagues and be sure to share your photos on social media! #IAmAnOrthoNurse

Day-To-Day Engagement Calendar

  • Monday, October 26 – Create a word cloud of 20 words that reflects your perspective on being an orthopaedic nurse and post your word cloud on social along with #OrthoNursesWeek2020 and #IAmAnOrthoNurse. Click here for an online tool to create your word cloud today! 
  • Tuesday, October 27 – Orthopaedic Nurses Week Sale – each day NAON will have a flash sale, 50% off a specific product. See product sales for each day below! 
  • Wednesday, October 28 – NAON and nursing trivia day! Test your knowledge of NAON and nursing history. Let us know how well you did by using #OrthoNursesWeek2020 and #NAONTrivia.
  • Thursday, October 29 – Share your vision board. This can be an individual career/professional development vision board or a team/facility vision board. Share your vision board with #OrthoNursesWeek2020.
  • Friday, October 30 – Say thanks as we celebrate International Orthopaedic Nurses Day. A personalized thank-you note is always appreciated. Ask your administration and other key stakeholders to show their thanks, too, by signing your note or writing one of their own.

Daily Flash Sales!

Each day during Orthopaedic Nurses Week NAON will have a 24 hour flash sale, 50% off a specific item. Use discount code ORTHONURSES2020.

Read on for more ways you can get involved and celebrate Orthopaedic Nurses Week! 

Spread the Word

Take advantage of resources like thank you notes and email signatures to ensure everyone knows we are celebrating you!

Want to notify your facility's events team or local media of how you're celebrating? Download the 2020 International Orthopaedic Nurses Week Press Release.

Get Involved on Social Media

Orthopaedic nurses are nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you for your passion and commitment while playing a vital role in providing professional, competent and the highest-quality care to patients with musculoskeletal diseases. Social media is a great way to tell your story and celebrate with your colleagues!

Share Why You Are an Ortho Nurse on Social Media

Print and write your ortho nurse story on NAON's #IAmAnOrthoNurse sign and share on social media with #IAmAnOrthoNurse for a chance to be featured on our social media feeds, and even NAON News!

Please click here to download NAON's #IAmAnOrthoNurse sign. 

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Be a Leader in Your Facility

Orthopaedic nurses are integral to the entire healthcare team. Do people in your hospital or facility know the important role that you and your team play? Check out some ways to ensure your team is recognized:

  • Give out awards or an appreciation gift: Print certificates of appreciation to present to each of your staff members or surprise them with a small gift!
  • Virtually recognize your team: Send an internal email or post a nice message on an internal employee engagement platform recognizing your facility's hardworking ortho nurses. 
  • Say thanks!: A handwritten thank-you note is always appreciated. Ask your administration and other key stakeholders to show their thanks, too, by signing your note or writing one of their own.


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