Chapters & Affiliates

Get involved with NAON on a deeper level by joining your local Chapter or Affiliate. View the list of NAON Chapters and Affiliates here

View the video below to learn how to start and lead a NAON Chapter or Affiliate. This is a video of the Chapter and Affiliates Team's poster at NAON's 43rd Annual Congress titled Start-Ups, Meetings, Leadership, Oh My!


The purpose of a Chapter is to further the objectives of NAON by a local organization of NAON members. Chapters hold annual elections where a Board of Directors is voted upon to lead the chapter throughout the next term. Chapter reports are due to NAON headquarters by April 1st each year.

Helpful Documents for Chapters:

Chapter Report Documents:


An affiliate is a group of active NAON members who want to get involved with NAON but do not choose to form an official chapter. The group may meet to discuss nursing orthopaedics in a social setting and have a desire to stay connected with other orthopaedic nursing professionals. Affiliates operate as separate and independent from NAON and are not responsible for electing a governing body, collecting monetary funds or complying with IRS tax-exempt organization guidelines.

Helpful Documents for Affiliates:

Virtual Affiliate

NAON's Virtual Affiliate allows people across the nation to get together, talk, provide learning opportunities, and generally help support each other like a regular Chapter or Affiliate would. Whether you are in a chapter, far from a chapter, have no idea what a chapter or affiliate is, or just want some fun NAON members to hang out with and share experiences with- the virtual affiliate is your group.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every odd month (Sept, Nov, Jan, etc) at 8 pm ET, 7pm CT, 6 pm MT, 5 pm PT, 1 am Sydney, etc. If you would like to be involved, please email the virtual affiliate president, Lyndee Leavitt, at for more details.

Creating an Affiliate

The following forms must be filled out and submitted to for review/approval by the Chapter & Affiliate Team Chairperson who then forwards them to the National Office and Executive Board for final approval:

a)       Affiliate MOU:  Signed by Affiliate President.

b)      Affiliate Roster:  Names and emails of current Affiliate members. The mailing address of the Affiliate will be that of the current president, unless otherwise specified. The listed location of an Affiliate in the Affiliate/Chapter Directory is the nearest big city which houses the Affiliate.