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NAON develops a variety of textbooks and manuals for orthopaedic nursing. These products are available for purchase as a physical product or as a digital PDF download in the NAON Education Catalog.

Core Curriculum for Orthopaedic Nursing, 8th Edition 

NAON's premier publication, the Core Curriculum for Orthopaedic Nursing, 8th Edition is fundamental to the nursing profession and the specialty practice of orthopaedic nursing. The Core provides comprehensive content for all nurses across settings. It is an excellent resource to prepare for an orthopaedic certification exam or for application as a staff desk reference. Copyright 2022.

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Orthopaedic Surgery Manual, 3rd Edition 

The NAON Orthopaedic Surgery Manual is a comprehensive resource for members of the healthcare team along the entire treatment continuum, offering a wealth of knowledge and information for practitioners new to the orthopaedic OR environment. It is also a working reference for nurses who want to know more about surgical interventions for preoperative and postoperative care considerations and patient/family education. This book is a must for Perioperative Services Departments, Orthopaedic Inpatient Units and Ambulatory Care Settings. Copyright 2017.

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An Introduction to Orthopaedic Nursing, 5th Edition 

This textbook provides a valuable overview of musculoskeletal anatomy and neurovascular assessment, common adult orthopaedic conditions, pain management, common orthopaedic complications, and appropriate nursing assessment and care. Those in the continuum of care will find this manual an excellent reference, a learning tool for nurses new to the orthopaedic environment, as well as a review of less frequently seen conditions. It is a solid reference for a team to develop competencies, policies and protocols. Copyright 2015.

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Core Competencies: Across the Life Span, 3rd Edition

This edition offers orthopaedic competencies from pediatrics to the older adult and includes enhanced content to support individual competency evaluation checklists for use during nursing orientation or for an annual competency review. Copyright 2012.

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Scope and Standards of Orthopaedic Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition 

The Scope and Standards of Orthopaedic Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition defines the scope of the orthopaedic nurse role, orthopaedic nursing practice, orthopaedic nursing certification, and certified advanced practice nursing.  There are sixteen standards listed according to the nursing process and orthopaedic nursing professional performance.  Use this textbook to develop nursing competencies, improve or create policies, procedures and standards, educate and orient staff, create job descriptions, and plan for regulatory surveys. Copyright 2013.

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