The Nurse Navigator role coordinating patient care on an interdisciplinary team continues to evolve in the healthcare environment. Nurse Navigators work in joint specific settings, as well as in the hospital or ambulatory care facilities. In addition to coordinating patient care, Nurse Navigators demonstrate expertise in clinical practice, patient education, staff education, research, data, marketing, patient management, and acting as a clinical liaison. 

NAON offers networking and educational resources to our growing orthopaedic navigator community. To share best practices, patient education improvements, program advances, ask questions of peers, or discuss current interests check out the many resources and events listed below.

Orthopaedic Nurse Navigator Resources

Access a file library of past Nurse Navigator meeting recordings and other resources specific to the Nurse Navigator role. This page is regularly updated with new information.

The Orthopaedic Nurse Navigator Online Course

NAON’s Orthopaedic Nurse Navigator Online Course is a comprehensive course developed for navigators at every stage and working in both hospital and ambulatory settings. Novice navigators will be prepared to begin an ONN role, define the core competencies and create a program. More experienced navigators will learn information related to program components, team collaboration, data analysis and leadership. Any orthopaedic nurse looking to advance into navigation or refresh skills as their program advances will benefit from NAON’s online course.

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Nurse Navigator Meetings

Access to the NAON Nurse Navigator meetings is a member benefit and you may click here to view the previous and upcoming meetings. Not currently a NAON member? You can find information on joining NAON here.

Nurse Navigator Meetings