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April 2023: Association News

Register for the 43rd Annual Congress

What better place to earn CNE hours than at NAON's 43rd Annual Congress? Register now to join us in Pittsburgh, May 6-9, 2023. 

The Pittsburgh Chapter Welcomes You to 43rd Annual Congress! Submitted by Pam Cupec, BSN, RN, ONC, CRRN, ACN

As we get closer to the opening gavel of Congress, the Pittsburgh Chapter is excited to host and make sure your visit to Pittsburgh is memorable!

Even though the COVID pandemic postponed the 40th anniversary of NAON celebration at Congress, we were eagerly waiting for 2023 to bring Congress back to Pittsburgh. Not only will you immerse yourself in a wide variety of educational topics in orthopaedic nursing, there is plenty of networking opportunities and professional collaboration while attending Congress.

We will have a Local Affairs booth with our local chapter members helping you navigate in the city of Pittsburgh. Please stop by and ask any one of us your burning questions about the city, the best place to get a sandwich with fries and coleslaw on it, and why people drive slower in the tunnel, for example!

The Pittsburgh Marathon will be on Saturday, May 6 and the city will be bustling with all the runners and race activities. The Toronto Blue Jays and the Colorado Rockies will be in town during Congress, with   world famous Zambelli Fireworks on Saturday. PNC Park is across the river from the Convention Center, so the fireworks will light up the sky that evening.

You will enjoy the Gateway Clipper event sponsored by the Foundation, which is a lovely dinner and dance cruise while sailing up and down the three rivers in Pittsburgh. Bring a light jacket since it gets breezy on the upper decks. It docks right outside of the Convention Center which makes it very convenient for attendees.

There are many interesting restaurants, brew pubs and shops within walking distance from the Convention Center, no matter which direction you go. The cultural district is a few blocks away, with several theaters including Heinz Hall and the Benedum Center. While COVID shut some establishments down, others have popped up in their places. The city scene is constantly evolving, much like the world of orthopaedic nursing.

Thank you for coming to Congress and for visiting Pittsburgh. The Local Affairs Task Force members are here to assist you during your stay, and remember, you help to make Pittsburgh one of the Most Liveable Cities in the United States. 

Movement is Life Blog: Commitment to Health Equity Submitted by Charla B. Johnson, DNP, RN-BC, ONC

Did you know that hospitals will be required to demonstrate their commitment to health equity (HE)? Health equity is the attainment of the highest level of health for all people. As part of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) FY 2023 Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems final rule will require hospitals to annually attest to their commitment to health equity across five domains (strategic planning, data collection, data analysis, quality improvement, and leadership engagement). All elements and activities within each of the domains must be present to receive the allocated points.

Leadership within hospitals will need to operationalize these health equity strategies which includes identifying priority populations who experience health disparities and set HE goals into the strategic plan. As a nurse, your commitment to screening patients for social drivers of health (SDOH) will be imperative to collect and analyze data to identify equity gaps. Through an intentional effort of screening at the point of care, we can connect patients to community resources which will help reduce disparities and improve health outcomes. Nurses are just one member of a broader team in hospitals that will work to achieve HE. Health Care Organizations can use a self-assessment tool to evaluate their current focus.

Recorded Webinars for General Members

In 2023, NAON is offering general members free access to five of the webinars that took place throughout 2022. These webinars were chosen based on popularity and results of the surveys taken following viewing of the webinars. Once you register for these webinars, you should be able to access the recordings within the Education Center. Learn more.

Access Your Membership Card Online

Looking for your NAON membership card? Finding it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Log in to your account on the NAON website and go to your profile by clicking “My NAON” in the top right corner
  2. Click on Memberships to view your active memberships
  3. Download your ID card

Healthy Tips from ANA's Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog Submitted by Laura Hixon, MSNE, RN-BC, ONC

Happy spring! In this month of Health Tips we discuss trying to calm the inner chaos or regain some mindfulness in life. Many of us experience stress and when it gets too much, maybe it is time to take a look. You may be familiar what stress does to the body:

  1. Increases stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline
  2. Leads to depression/anxiety
  3. Increases risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and skin issues

Finding activities to lower your cortisol may not only reduce stress but improve your health. Here are a few ideas from the AdventHealth University (2020):

  1. Manage diet - boost energy, aiding digestion and sleep 
  2. Sleep - essential for managing cortisol 
  3. Exercise and stretch - release endorphins, boost serotonin 
  4. Practice meditation or mindfulness - focus awarness, regulated breathing can reduce stress 
  5. Hobbies - personal interests are a health outlet for stress 
  6. Share your feelings - friends and family can give you an outlet for stress 
  7. Journaling - recording thoughts can give you a place to put them
  8. Limit social media - limiting fixation of negative events or comparing to others. Things are not always how they seem.  

If you or someone you know needs further help or resources, please encourage them to reach out or dial 9-8-8 if the need to talk to someone. 


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  2. CDC Mental Health Resources
  3. Stess Profiler 

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