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December 2022: Partner News

ONCB Connection

Happy New Year!

With the New Year comes the opportunity to submit for recertification through LearningBuilder!  Nurses who are due to recertify in 2023 should receive a notice from ONCB next month.  If you have had a change in email or mailing address, please contact ONCB to ensure your record is correct (; 312-321-5198). If your name has changed, please contact Meazure, ONCB's data management provider at 919-572-6880 or via email:

Congratulations to Our Exam Prep Scholarship Winners!

ONCB and NAON proudly announce the winners of the October Exam Prep Scholarship.  Ashley Rice, RN will receive a copy of NAON's Core Curriculum and access to five of ONCB's online practice modules to help prepare for the ONC examination. Molly Gardner, APRN will receive the AAOS Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care, Enhanced Fifth Edition textbook with interactive eBook courtesy of NAON, and an ONCB bundle of five online ONP-C practice exams to help prepare for the ONP-C examination. Congratulations to Ashley and Molly!  Thanks to all applicants for their interest and support of orthopaedic nursing certification.

Scholarships and Awards

The January 1 deadline is fast approaching!  If you are planning to test or recertify in 2023, you should apply for ONCB's Exam and Recertification Scholarships.  Complete information is available on the ONCB website.

ONCB Dottie Roberts Excellence in Certification Scholarship

Apply today for this prestigious scholarship. In 2020, Dottie Roberts retired as the Executive Director of ONCB. Dottie’s vast knowledge and dedicated service exemplify excellence in all facets of certification. Dottie held the orthopaedic certification credential since 1995, so the recipient of the scholarship is a nurse who is recertifying the credential for at least the second time. The recipient will receive a free recertification. Applications are due by January 1! Complete information is available on the ONCB web site.

Don’t Forget, You Can Take Ortho Certification Exams at Home!

Candidates may take the orthopaedic nursing certification examinations in their own location by live remote proctoring (LRP).  Testing at a local test center continues to be an available option.

LRP can be used by a candidate whose closest test center is closed due to COVID-19 regulations, by a candidate who wishes to schedule an exam at a time not typically available in a local test center, or by a candidate who simply wishes the convenience of home or office exam delivery.  

Please contact ONCB (888-561-6622, with any questions.

Retest for Success: The Program for ONCB Exam Candidates

Through ONCB’s incentive program “Retest for Success,” hundreds of RNs have benefited from the opportunity to decrease stress as they pursue valued orthopaedic nursing certification.  Hospitals and other healthcare employers can participate by completing a no-cost 1-year contract.  Each facility pledges a minimum of three candidates to test in the years’ time.  Any RN or NP who fails on the first attempt will receive a free second exam at no cost.  In addition, all candidates receive a free online practice exam to jumpstart their prep.

Check out the contract on the ONCB website ( and contact ONCB with any questions (, 888-561-6622).

Apply to be an ONCB Director Today!

Are you or is someone you know interested in a rewarding Board of Director’s position for ONCB? Do you have questions but are afraid to or don’t know whom to ask? Here is everything you need to know about serving on the ONCB Board of Directors.

Don’t miss out! Nominations are due Saturday, December 31.

Who is qualified?

Eligibility and Term of Service

  • Must hold current credential of the Orthopaedic Nurses Certification Board (ONC®, OCNS-C®, ONP-C®, ONC-A™) and maintain credential during term of service.
  • Candidates may be self-nominated; application will be available through the ONCB Web site when vacancies are posted.
  • 3-year term begins and ends at the conclusion of the Annual NAON Congress.
  • Application for additional 3-year term will be considered by the Board.
  • Prior experience with ONCB is considered a strength, but is not required.

What happens on the Board?

As an ONCB volunteer at the national level, you are able to contribute uniquely to the development of the ONC® and ONP-C® programs that recognize and promote excellence in orthopaedic nursing practice. Very importantly, you are encouraging the best possible care for orthopaedic patients and their families.

In addition, you are able to:

  • Give back to the orthopaedic nursing specialty and the nursing profession.
  • Hear the voice of orthopaedic patients and their families through the ONCB Public Member.
  • Ensure the highest standards of orthopaedic nursing knowledge among credential holders.
  • Influence national standards and practice.
  • Advocate for excellence in orthopaedic nursing practice beyond your immediate work setting.
  • Grow professionally in new areas.
  • Network nationally with nursing colleagues beyond your own work setting.
  • Be recognized as a national leader within your profession.
  • Collaborate with leaders of other national organizations in advancing the profession and nursing certification across specialties.

What is the time commitment?

Three director positions will be filled in 2023 for a three-year term beginning May 2023. The term of office for ONCB Directors is three years. If a Director wishes to apply for a second three-year term, he or she will be evaluated by other Board members. The Director’s self-evaluation also will be considered in the Board’s decision to offer a second term.


  • Maintain email for regular communication with Board members (1-3 hours weekly). Expected email response is three business days except when on vacation. Directors should engage in careful dialogue about any issues presented electronically, and clearly indicate their positions.
  • Attend three meetings annually (all related expenses paid by the ONCB, including Congress registration [NAON member rate]). A two-day meeting is held in September or October, depending on available venues and dates. A one-day board meeting is held in February. A one-day meeting is held during the Annual NAON Congress. Committee chairs and Directors with liaison positions will be responsible for submission of a one-page report for inclusion in each Board book; deadline for report submission will be established by the ONCB President. All Directors are responsible for careful review of the Board book before the meeting to ensure informed involvement in Board discussions.
  • Participate in conference calls as scheduled by the ONCB President.
  • Work assigned shifts at the ONCB booth in the Exhibit Hall at the Annual NAON Congress.
  • Work at the ONCB Recognition Event (when scheduled) during the Annual NAON Congress.
  • Attend other meetings as mutually determined to represent the Board (e.g., American Board of Nursing Specialties [ABNS]; Magnet® Conference; Institute for Credentialing Excellence [ICE]; AAOS).

Can I self-nominate?

Yes! Please do.

Do I have to ask the person I nominate if they are willing to run?

Absolutely! Everyone needs to agree to be nominated.

Is there someone I can contact if I have questions?

Apply online today:

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