Association News | 7.24.2023
July 2023: Association News

NAON's 44th Annual Congress

Save the date and mark your calendar for May 18-20, 2024, to join us in Louisville, KY.

Submit a Poster or a Podium Proposal

NAON invites you to submit a podium or poster presentation proposal for the 44th Annual Congress! This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise on the latest best practices, research or innovative solutions from your hospital or practice.

The Call for Podium Proposals will remain open through August 18, 2023. You will be notified of your acceptance in October 2023. The call for Posters will remain open through September 15, 2023. You will be notified of your acceptance in late November 2023.

NAON Allied Health and APRN Virtual Symposium

Join NAON on Wednesday, September 20 for a virtual symposium geared at our allied health and advanced practice nurses! The event features sessions from multi-disciplinary orthopaedic teams presenting on quality improvement projects, best practices on program initiatives and updates relevant to any clinical setting. If you’re unable to attend on the 20th, you can still register as all attendees will receive access to the on-demand sessions to review and re-watch.


In-Person Ortho Nurses Week ONRC Workshop

The Orthopaedic Nursing Review Course, will take place on Thursday, November 2 at NAON Headquarters in Chicago, IL. This one-day review course is ideal for nurses seeking certification or to certify. Connect with fellow nurses and learn the latest clinical best practices and improve your overall orthopaedic knowledge.


Join NAON for Nurse Navigator Networking Activities Next Month!

Join NAON for Nurse Navigator Networking Activities in August by joining the Zoom link below at 1 p.m. CT on August 10.

Did you have to miss the last few meetings? To watch previous recordings of Nurse Navigator Networking events, access the file library here.


Upcoming NAON Webinar - The Role of the Perioperative Nurse

Join us Tuesday, August 8, 2023 for an upcoming NAON live webinar. This webinar will discuss optimizing the joint replacement patientfor outpatient surgery in the orthopaedic office, providing ambulatory settings with individualized patient care plans, and postoperative case management of patients in the home environment.


Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Blog 

Submitted by Laura Hixon, MSNE, RN-BC, ONC

Happy July! Summer fun and family time is great with BBQ and pool time! The ANA reminds us in the Health Risk Appraisal that approximately 68% of most nurses put their patient’s health before their own including their nutrition at work. We have been there, when the yummy donuts or snacks are in the breakroom and we are trying to eat healthy, what a challenge! Only 56% of nurses noted they had access to fruit, veggies or whole grains during their work hours. This may be common in your environment but maybe we can make some better choices.

The food network has some suggestions; How to eat healthier at work by Toby Amidex, MS, RD, CDN

  1. Eat breakfast- focusing on fresh fruit and whole grains
  2. Step away- be sure to take a break where you can sit and eat
  3. Be prepared- if others are ordering out, think of some fresh whole options
  4. Brown bag it- pack your own healthy meal and snacks
  5. Cravings- when the blood sugar drops or fatigue sets in, we crave something sweet. Try fruit or dark chocolate to satisfy and get an antioxidant boost.
  6. Share healthy tips with friends- community support is always helpful.

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