Partner News | 5.17.2023
May 2023: Partner News

May 2023: Partner News

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Don't Forget, You Can Take Ortho Certification Exams at Home!   

Candidates may take the orthopaedic nursing certification examinations in their own location by Live Remote Prctoring (LRP). Testing at a local test center continues to be an available option. LRP can be used by a candidate whose closest test center is closed due to COVID-19 regulations, by a candidate who wishes to schedule an exam at a time not typically available in a local test center, or by a candidate who simply wishes the convenience of home or office exam delivery.

The candidate's computer must have webcam capability and speakers, and the enviroment should be quiet to avoid distractions (e.g. barking dogs, construction, young children) and to ensure that the online proctor can hear everything at the candidate's location. Click here to review the technical requirements for testing and home information on the LRP experience here. Candidates who cannot meet the technical requirements should schedule the examination at a local test center. Please contact ONCB at 888-561-6622 or with any questions. 

Is Your Email Up to Date? 

If you are an orthopaedic-certified nurse who completes NAON live education (webinars/conferences), did you know these activities are automatically uploaded to your ONCB LearningBuilder account for recertification? What is the catch? The email address in your NAON member profile must match the one used for your LearningBuilder account. Questions? Contact ONCB for more information.

Check Out Our Exam Prep Products! 

We have recently added new online flashcards to our store to help you study for your ONC and ONP-C exams. Our flashcards include 

  • Degenerative Disease-Sports Injuries 
  • Metabolic Conditions-Orthopaedic Trauma 
  • Congenital/Pediatrics Disorders 
  • Inflammatory Diseases 
  • Musculoskeletal Tumors 

Check out these products and more here

Retest for Success: The Program for ONCB Exam Candidates 

Through ONCB's incentive program, "Retest for Sucess," hundreds of RNs have benefited from the opportunity to decrease stress as they pursue valued orthopaedic nursing certification, Hospitals and other healthcare employers can participate by completing a no-cost one-year contract. Each facility pledges a minimum of three candidates to test in the years' time. Any RN or NP who fails on the first attempt will receive a free second exam at no cost. In addition, all candidates receive a free online practice exam to jumpstart their prep. Check out the contract on the ONCB website here and contact ONCB with any questions. 

Test Anxiety? ONCB Offers FREE Test-Taking Strategies Video 

Planning to test soon? ONCB now offers a FREE 30-minute video to guide your general test preperation. Get great information about ONCB's exams as well as tips for dealing with test anxiety and developing a study plan. Get started here

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