Association News | 5.28.2024
May 2024: Association News

Thank You for Making Congress Such a Success

We want to thank you for joining us at this year's 44th Annual Congress in Louisville. It was a pleasure to see so many dedicated orthopaedic professionals gather in one place to share knowledge and ideas. We hope that you had a wonderful time and enjoyed all that the event had to offer.

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Get Ready for the NAON 45th Annual Congress 

We're thrilled to announce that NAON 45th Annual Congress will be a virtual-only event, offering the same high-quality education, networking and professional development opportunities directly to you, wherever you are. This shift opens new avenues for accessibility and collaboration, ensuring that our community can continue to thrive in the digital age.

Be part of shaping the next Congress by submitting a session proposal. All ideas are welcome! It's a great way to highlight your unique skills and perspective and has the power to impact hundreds of nurses across the country.

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Welcome to Our New Board Members

We are so excited to welcome our new NAON 2024-2025 Executive Board, featuring some familiar faces and a few new ones!

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Join the NAON Hip Fracture Special Interest Group (SIG)

Are you starting a geriatric hip fracture program at you facility and encountering barriers in the process? This is your opportunity to meet fellow orthopaedic nurses with the same goal. If you are interested in joining the NAON Hip Fracture Special Interest Group, please complete this survey to find the best time to meet.

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Healthy Tips from ANA's Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog

Laura Hixon, MSNE, RN-BC, ONC

After coming back from another excellent congress, I was recharged with the pivot to positivity opening and the wonderful closing presentation discussing the very important role that nursing has in the success of our community. These were very inspiring, but the healthier and more positive environment has to start in our own lives.

The American Nurse Association (ANA) notes 68% of nurses noted put their patient’s health before their own including their nutrition at work. Only 56% of nurses noted they had access to fruit, veggies or whole grains during their work hours. Easy snacks or treats in the breakroom may hit the spot, but have not much nutritional value. And how much water a day does bedside nurse drink? It can be minimal, during a busy shift. What a challenge!

The food network has some suggestions; How to eat healthier at work by Toby Amidex, MS, RD, CDN

1. Eat breakfast- focusing on fresh fruit and whole grains

2. Step away- be sure to take a break where you can sit and eat

3. Be prepared- if others are ordering out, think of some fresh whole options

4. Brown bag it- pack your own healthy meal and snacks

5. Cravings- when the blood sugar drops or fatigue sets in, we crave something sweet. Try fruit or dark chocolate to satisfy and get an antioxidant boost.

6. Share healthy tips with friends- community support is always helpful.


Thank you and take care of yourself. You deserve it!

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