Partner News | 5.28.2024
May 2024: Partner Updates

ONCB Connection – May 2024

Certificant Spotlight
The Orthopaedic Nurses Certification Board (ONCB) is pleased to announce that the following individuals have achieved the ONC® Certification and ONP-C® Certification in April 2024.


  • Rachel Berg
  • Kyung Choi
  • Hallie Grimes
  • Stacey Harrington
  • Dawnette Henderson
  • Princess Huynh 
  • Amanda Johnson
  • Taylor Martin
  • Tara Mastricola
  • Allyson Moats
  • Victoria Regis Relato
  • Rosemary Rollins
  • Rebeca Sabad
  • Lora VanLaecken
  • Mackenzie Wood


  • Terra Beek
  • Robert DeLucas


Recertification Deadline Approaching

For nurses who are due to recertify in 2024, recertification applications are due June 30, 2024. If you have had a change in email or mailing address, please contact ONCB at to ensure your record is correct. Learn more about the options to recertify, recertification requirements and fees on the ONCB website.


BONEafide FREE Ortho CE List

In need of Category A credit? ONCB is here to help! Check out BONEafide, a list of continuing education activities identified by ONCB as suitable for Category A. Be sure to bookmark this page as the list if updated throughout the year.


BONEafide FREE Ortho CE List

Because orthopaedic-certified nurses value their hard-earned credentials, ONCB offers a retired designation to allow certificants to protect their credentials during life’s transitions.

The retired designation is available for nurses who are leaving the profession. If they decide to return to the workforce, they may reactivate their credentials by demonstrating completion of 15 contact hours of continuing education for each year of retirement preceding reactivation. As an alternative, nurses may retest in order to reactivate the credential.

The one-time fee for the retired designation is $50. Please review our website for more information:


New Platform for ONC® and ONP-C® Certification Applications

ONCB is moving its ONC® and ONP-C® initial certification applications to a new online platform, Learning Builder! This move will allow for an improved certificant experience by creating a seamless and quicker transition for new certificants to access their recertification learning plans. The launch is scheduled to take place in June. Stay tuned for more information from ONCB.

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