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October 2022: Association News

Celebrate Orthopaedic Nurses Week with NAON!

Happy Orthopaedic Nurses Week! We hope you are taking time to celebrate all the great work you and your colleagues do as orthopaedic nurses! Don't forget to share your celebrations with us on social media by using the #OrthoNursesWeek2022 and #IAmAnOrthoNurse hashtags.

If you haven't already, it's not too late to join the fun. Visit our website for activities and special ways you can celebrate, and be sure to take advantage of this week's savings!

Watch the video below for a special message from NAON President Amber Kujath!

Renew or Join as a Premium Member by October 31 for just $130

Pay just $130 for a Premium Membership (normally $140) when you join or renew for 2023 by the end of October. Take advantage of this limited-time offer before time runs out!

Register for the One-Day Virtual APN Symposium

On Thursday, November 10, join NAON for a day of quality continuing education dedicated to advancing assessment skills and improving patient outcomes in orthopaedic care. Learn more and register today!

New! Introducing the NAON Fellow Designation

We are pleased to announce the new NAON Fellow Designation (FNAON). The FNAON is the most distinguished and honorable level of membership, as well as a public hallmark of professional esteem. Fellows are outstanding leaders, leaving behind them an enduring legacy of accomplishment that will continue to shape or guide the profession. Learn more and apply by December 31, 2022.

Are You Taking Advantage of this Member Benefit?

A benefit of NAON membership is having access to the NAON Discussion Forums, where you can discuss important topics and ask questions with your fellow NAON members. To access the Discussion Forums, simply log into, navigate to the "Members" tab and select "Discussion Forums."

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Attend the Next Virtual Affiliate Meeting on November 1

The Virtual Affiliate is meeting on November 1 at 8:00 pm ET, 7:00 pm CT, 6:00 pm MT, 5:00 pm PT.  We would love to have you come, feel supported, and connect with other NAON members. We are planning on a cookie night so have a cookie, bring your favorite recipe to share, and/or make cookies during our meeting! If you would like the link to join, please email All are welcome to join! 

Participate in ACORN's Orthopaedic Pride Competition (November 3-5)

Join ACORN in their 3rd Annual Virtual Fall Recruit & Ortho Pride Competion November 3-5! Interested organizations are asked to sign up for a 15-20 min. Zoom session with the committee for a networking opportunity and to learn more about NAON and what’s in store for Congress in Pittsburgh next year. Contestants will be judged in 3 categories: Most Creative, Loudest, and Funniest…. So show off your Ortho Pride!! Email if interested in participating.

Healthy Tips from ANA's Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™: Breast Cancer Awareness Month!; Submitted by Laura Hixon, MSNE, RN-BC, ONC

Many acknowledge this month by wearing pink and remembering those we have lost to this horrible disease. Giaquinto et al (2022) give us an update on breast cancer statistics in 2022. Let’s celebrate the advances and support breast health for everyone!

  1. The mortality has steadily declined over the past 30 years by 43%, which translates to 460,000 fewer breast cancer deaths.
  2. There is still lots of work to do. Racial disparity is still concerning.
  3. Support for high-risk screening, community support, and advocacy organizations is crucial to addressing the issues.
  4. 30% of breast cancer risks are considered modifiable, such as, body weight, inactivity and alcohol intake. This contributes to the slight increase in incidence rates.
  5. It is estimated there will be approximately 287,850 new case of breast cancer this year and 43,250 will die for breast cancer this year.
  6.  83% of these women will be 50 years or older.
  7. The median age over all ethnicities is 69years old.
  8. 1% of breast cancer cases and deaths are also men.
  9. As of January, 2022, there are 4.1 million women with a history of breast cancer.
  10. The steady decline in mortality is contributed to the targeted treatments and early detection.

Have a wonderful and safe October!

Laura Hixon, MSNE, RN-BC, ONC


Giaquinto, A.N., Sung, H., Miller, K.D., Kramer, J.L., Newman, L.A., Minihan, A., Jemal, A. and Siegel, R.L. (2022), Breast Cancer Statistics, 2022. CA A Cancer J Clin.

Movement is Life Contribution Blog: Our Role in Advancing Health Equity; Submitted by Charla B. Johnson, DNP, RN-BC, ONC

In The Future of Nursing 2020-2030 report, among the healthcare ecosystem, the role of the nurse is called out as critical in achieving the goal of health equity. I imagine this is because nurses are the largest group of health professionals delivering care and we are everywhere.  Nurses practice in various settings in the ecosystem, including acute care hospitals, emergent, and urgent clinics, long long-term facilities, home health, community outreach, and public health. Within these settings, nurses may have multiple roles including clinician, navigator or care coordinator, educator, researcher, administrator, informaticist, and advocate. As a collective body, if we commit to understanding the patient’s story through screening, we may be able to help the patient navigate the social and economic barriers to optimal health.

Forty percent of a patient’s ability to achieve health is attributed to social and economic factors which include education, employment, income, family and social structures, and community safety. Understanding that an individual’s ability to live a long life with quality is impacted by their ability to have educational opportunities, live in a safe neighborhood with green spaces and earn a wage with benefits. Perhaps these are the things we may take for granted. Our orthopedic patients’ outcomes are dependent on these factors. Let’s listen to their stories to improve their path to health equity.


Future of Nursing 2020-20230 Report. National Academies, Accessed:

University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, 2021.


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