President's Message | 1.25.2023
President's Message: January 2023

New Year’s Resolution – Better Bones?

We are now three solid weeks into 2023. I cannot help but think you may have started a new health habit on January 1. Those close to me know that my 2023 goal is to drink one gallon of water every day. While I’ve not been a total failure, my consistency lacks luster! If I am on a Zoom call with you and I somewhat urgently get up and exit, you know I’m having a great “water” day and my kidneys are happy.

This time of year brings to mind other healthy habits as well. While I’ve been known to ask, “would you rather break and arm or a leg”, as orthopaedic nurses we understand the impact a fracture has on our quality of life. Games aside, I’m deeply interested in what we as orthopaedic nurses are doing for our bones.

My faithful readers will know that my research career was built on a firm bone foundation. I love to talk about bone density, bone mineral metabolism, and bone behaviors as much as I like to talk about my children. After Congress last year everyone in my inner circle was glad that I had gathered a faithful team of bone folks to talk shop with. I still don’t think we have agreed on a formal name but the folder where I keep our important documents is called “Bone Enthusiasts”. A shout out to the group which includes Candy Mori, Cheryl Hostinak, Jessie Roberts, Lisa Qualls, Lori Fitton, Matt Watson, Patricia Donohue, and Robert Dills. One of the most special attributes of this group is that is involves RNs, APRNs, informatics specialists, and public bone health advocates from American Bone Health.

One of the outcomes of gathering this group was to look for ways we as orthopaedic nurses could “own the bone." In fact, the questions we came back to time after time were, “Since we care for bones, do we as orthopaedic nurses take care of our own bones? Do we know our risk for fracture?  If we do care for our own bones, do we implement that into our nursing practice – be it bedside or with friends and family – maybe even strangers!?”

I could not be more thankful to be working with this group of highly motivated individuals. We have an IRB approved study that will be launching in the next few weeks helping us to understand the question of if personal behaviors related to bone health transfer into nursing practice. I hope you will consider participating in our study. Watch your inbox – more information is coming your way soon!


Amber S. Kujath, PhD, RN, ONC
NAON President

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