Association News | 9.28.2022
September 2022: Association News

Explore the New NAON Website and Update Your Profile!

Along with the new NAON branding and logo, we are excited to announce the launch of the newly designed NAON website! The new streamlined website design makes it easier to find important resources, access educational content and navigate upcoming events. If you haven't already, check it out now! 

The first time you attempt to log in to the new site, you will be prompted to reset your password. Once you've done so and successfully logged in, head to your acount by clicking My NAON in the top right corner of the homepage. Here you can add a new profile photo and udpate all personal information.

Start Planning Your Orthopaedic Nurses Week Celebrations

Orthopaedic Nurses Week, takes place next month, October 24-30. Now is the perfect time to start making plans for how you will celebrate with you and your team. Visit the Orthopaedic Nurses Week page for some great ideas to get you started. 

Healthy Tips from ANA's Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice or Not?, Submitted by Laura Hixon, MSNE, RN-BC, ONC

As we enter into a new season, things are changing. For many, they are already counting the weeks until Christmas. The weather is cooler and seasons are changes, but some consider autumn anxiety a concern. In Texas, it is still 90, but this is cooler for us. Here are some strategies to try:

Some of the main sources of anxiety include physical and emotional changes.

  1. Decreased daylight leads to decreased serotonin and increased levels of cortisol
  2. Changes can impact sleep schedules, cause irritability, and low mood
  3. Autumn anxiety can be prequel to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Tips for dealing with autumn anxiety

  1. School stressors- prioritize schedule- have to and want to
  2. Schedule regular breaks- breathe
  3. Self-care for mental health and immune system
  4. Get as much sunlight as you can, daily walks or exercise, etc.
  5. Social media breaks- things aren’t always as they seem in pictures
  6. Plan ahead and its OK to say no
  7. Stay present and focused- what am I grateful for today?

I hope you have a wonderful month, stay safe, and are able to add a little pumpkin spice in your life!

Anderson, C. (2020).  Autumn Anxiety is Real: Why the Fall Season Makes You More Stressed. The Healthy.

✧Take Advantage of This Membership Perk!✧

NAON has partnered with MemberDeals which is a company that provides unique offers and discounts for our members. From sporting events, theme parks, rental cars, and movie tickets, there's plenty to enjoy! When logged in, hover over the "Members" tab to access the MemberDeals discounts! 

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