President's Message | 6.24.2024
Let the Sunshine In

Summer has arrived—one of my favorite seasons. The kids are out of school; we partake in vacations, picnics, baseball games, more frequent get-togethers and fun-filled sandy beach and pool retreats. My favorite downtime activity is to lay in my pool with a good book and relax to clear my mind from the day-to-day work life that often is quite stressful and hard to distract from. The days are longer, giving us the feeling of having more time in the day. How do you maintain a strong work-life balance in your mainstream day-to-day workflow? It takes work. We continue to be needed and easily accessible via our cell phones 24/7.

We must take time to smell the roses and soak up the sunshine. I used to chuckle when I heard these statements. I, will do that in my spare time. However, it is becoming increasingly important for me to take that time to wind down and breathe in the beauty of the day. Doing so increases our resilience and balances our ability to handle stressful situations and react appropriately. What are your outlets? Do you take time to reflect and wind down? Some strategies for finding peace in your day include:

Music Therapy: Create a personalized playlist, find a comfortable spot where you have time alone and chill out to cool summer vibes or calming melodies that can increase your energy.

The fruits of Summer: Colorful and vibrant fruits such as watermelon, citrus, pineapple and berries are great for the body and the soul. Fruit-infused water also keeps you hydrated with various flavors.

Nature Walks: Walking helps you get much-needed sunlight while rejuvenating and calming your mind while increasing your physical activity. The fresh air alone boosts circulation. Use your walking time to meditate, be mindful of the outdoors and reflect on your journey.

I hope you enjoy a fantastic summer and let in as much sunshine as possible. Prioritize your well-being and self-care. Cultivate a summer season of health and tranquility.

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Happy Summer and Keep Believing!!

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