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December 2023: Partner News

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Movement is Life Summit focuses on Health Equity Gaps in Vulnerable Communities.


The 2023 Movement is Life Summit held November 30-December 1st was a huge success. The theme was Bridging the Health Equity Gap in Vulnerable Communities. There were many exceptional speakers and workshops but two that really resonated on the topics of healthcare and bias.

Dr. Pedro Greer Jr. Opened the summit with a presentation on Health Equity and how Medical Education Needs to Change to Achieve True Health Equity. Dr. David Ansell presented on closing the Death Gap: solutions for leaders. Both presenters focused on the continued bias both conscious and unconscious that occurs in healthcare related to how people are treated whether it be their race, gender, social status, or community.  First and foremost, it takes awareness to recognize the bias’s that occur.  One in five women say they have felt that a health care provider has ignored or dismissed their symptoms, and 17% say they feel they have been treated differently because of their gender—compared with 14% and 6% of men, respectively (Paulson, 2020).

Research from the University of Virginia suggests bias is an attribute to management of pain in African Americans vs. Caucasians. “In a study of medical students and residents, researchers found that a substantial number of white medical students and residents hold false beliefs about biological differences between black and white people (e.g., black people’s skin is thicker; black people’s blood coagulates more quickly) that could affect how they assess and treat the pain experienced by black patients”   In addition, African Americans are often undertreated for pain due to the assumption that they will abuse pain medications. This article is dated in 2016.  It was included because though it was 7 years ago, not much has changed in this area since it was written,

Dr. Ansell and Dr. Greer shared experiences of this continued bias structure and provided their insight into standing up and taking action to make changes in communities to not only provide this awareness but to create change. We all must work to do our part to mitigate preconceived thoughts and work toward an environment of equality. It begins with awareness.


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ONCB Connection – December 2023

Ring in the New Year with Recertification!

With the New Year comes the opportunity to submit for recertification through LearningBuilder!  Nurses who are due to recertify in 2024 will receive a notice from ONCB next month. If you have had a change in email or mailing address, please contact ONCB to ensure your record is correct (; 312-321-5198). Recertification applications are due June 30, 2024 but early submissions are encouraged!

In need of Category A credit? ONCB is here to help! Check out BONEafide, a list of continuing education activities identified by ONCB as suitable for Category A. Be sure to bookmark this page as the list if updated throughout the year.


ONCB Scholarships

Consider applying for one of ONCB’s scholarships. The January 1 deadline will be here before you know it – apply today! Additional details and applications for the scholarships below can be found on the ONCB scholarship webpage.

  • Exam and Recertification Scholarships: This scholarship encourages nurses to seek and retain their certification in othopaedics. If you are planning to test or recertify in 2024, consider applying for this scholarship.
  • ONCB Dottie Roberts Excellence in Certification Scholarship: In 2020, Dottie Roberts retired as Executive Director of ONCB. Dottie’s vast knowledge and dedicated service exemplify excellence in all facets of certification. Dottie held the orthopaedic certification credential since 1995, so this scholarship celebrates and promotes continued commitment to recertification. Eligible recipients must be recertifying for at least the second time. The scholarship recipient will receive a free recertification.


Retest for Success: The Program for ONCB Exam Candidates

Through ONCB’s incentive program “Retest for Success,” hundreds of RNs have benefited from the opportunity to decrease stress as they pursue valued orthopaedic nursing certification.  Hospitals and other healthcare employers can participate by completing a no-cost 1-year contract.  Each facility pledges a minimum of three candidates to test in the years’ time.  Any RN or NP who fails on the first attempt will receive a free second exam at no cost.  In addition, all candidates receive a free online practice exam to jumpstart their prep.

Check out the contract on the ONCB web site and contact ONCB with any questions (, 888-561-6622).


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