Association News | 10.12.2023
October 2023: Association News

In-Person Ortho Nurses Week ONRC Workshop

The Orthopaedic Nursing Review Course, will take place on Thursday, November 2 at NAON Headquarters in Chicago, IL, during Orthopaedic Nurses Week. This one-day review course is ideal for nurses seeking certification or to refresh their knowledge. Connect with fellow nurses to improve your overall orthopaedic best practices.



Apply for a 2024 NAON Research Grant

You're invited to submit a letter of intent for a 2024 NAON research grant. The purpose of the NAON Research Grant Initiative is to promote and support orthopaedic nursing research to advance the specialty of orthopaedic nursing. The Letter of Intent (LOI) to apply for this grant is due by Nov. 1, 2023. Submit LOI via email to NAON Research Committee Chair, Candy Mori at



Limited Time Discount on Core Curriculum for Orthopaedic Nursing

If you haven't already purchased your physical copy of the 8th edition Core Curriculum for Orthopaedic Nursing, now is your chance! This fundamental textbook provides comprehensive content for all nurses across settings and is an excellent resource to prepare for an orthopaedic certification exam or for application as a staff desk reference. NAON is pleased to announce a limited time discount for the Core of $185 for members and $285 for non-members.



Recently Released: Online ONP-C Review Course

NAON’s new Online ONP-C course for the orthopaedic nurse practitioner offers a complete review course that can be completed online. NAON has identified the list of topic areas, with each module mapped to the ONCB ONP-C® exam content areas, and the number of exam questions are listed for each module to assist the learner with organization for their study. The course also features a physical assessment section and an interactive message board for learners to share resources and discuss content with peers as a virtual group.



Renew Your Membership This Month

Don't lose out on the membership benefits that you have come to depend on. Be sure to renew your membership now! Maintain access to timely education, resources, and tools that best address your current challenges and helps support your goals of learning about the latest developments in orthopaedic nursing, all while ensuring you’re able to provide the best, comprehensive patient care.


Access the NAON Orthopaedic Nursing Journal Online

On the go or misplaced your print copy of the ONJ? Don’t forget you can access it online! Orthopaedic Nursing is the official journal of the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses. This international journal provides continuing education for orthopaedic nurses and focuses on a wide variety of clinical settings including hospital unit, physician's office, ambulatory care centers, emergency room, operating room, rehabilitation facility, community service programs, the client's home, and more.

Note that you must log in with your NAON username and password to access the Orthopaedic Nursing website.



ACORN Committee: New Ambassador Role

Are you looking to become more involved with NAON, but not quite sure which committee direction is right for you? Are you interested in making personal connections and supporting new NAON members?

The New Ambassador Role in the ACORN committee may be PERFECT for you!

The New Ambassador Role is a brand-new subcommittee formed from the ACORN [Advancing the Careers of Orthopedic Registered Nurses] committee, and the goal of this work is to guide, mentor, and support those new to NAON! We not only want to help advance orthopaedic nurses and their career goals; we also want to build professional relationships from across the country!

1-2 hours of virtual, monthly volunteer work will be required. If interested in joining the New Ambassador Role through ACORN, please email


Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Blog 

Submitted by Laura Hixon, MSNE, RN-BC, ONC

Some of the key points in the Health Risk Appraisal by the ANA from 10/2013-10/2016, were that 68% of nurses noted they put their patient’s health before their own including their nutrition at work. If this sounds familiar, here are some thoughts of how to make some positive changes this fall. We have been there, when the yummy donuts or halloween candy are in the breakroom and we are trying to eat healthy, what a challenge! Only 56% of nurses noted they had access to fruit, veggies or whole grains during their work hours. This may be common in your environment but maybe we can make some better choices.

The food network has some suggestions; How to eat healthier at work by Toby Amidex, MS, RD, CDN

  1. Eat breakfast- focusing on fresh fruit and whole grains
  2. Step away- be sure to take a break where you can sit and eat
  3. Be prepared- if others are ordering out, think of some fresh whole options
  4. Brown bag it- pack your own healthy meal and snacks
  5. Cravings- when the blood sugar drops or fatigue sets in, we crave something sweet. Try fruit or dark chocolate to satisfy and get an antioxidant boost.
  6. Share healthy tips with friends- community support is always helpful.

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